1. HSS Circular Saw Blades

High Speed Steel circular saw blades with 5% molybdenum suitable for cutting metal and steel alloys. These saws are used on cutting machines manual, semi automatic and automatic. The standard product range offers blades neutral from diameter175 mm to 620 mm, with a minimum thickness of 1 mm to a maximum of 6 mm increment variable with two types of teeth standard form: tooth form “C” (teeth big tooth roughing finishing) particularly suitable for cutting bars, solide and solide profiles and tooth form “BW” (with teeth alternately stripped) particularly suitable for cutting pipe sections. On demand we can provide blades with tooth form BR (with chipbreaker) – A – AW – B. Surface treatments are also available as STEAM treatment (VAPO seizing) and PVD coatings (TiN, TiCN, Red Baron, TiALN).

2.TCT Circular Saw Blades

Carbide tipped saw blades, PVD coated with diameter from 285 to 450 mm

3. Friction Saw Blades

Our friction saws are suitable for cutting tubes and profiles in carbon steel such as ST 37, ST52, etc.. and be used both flying and static cutting machines. They are manufactured with two different materials: Chrome-Vanadium steel (CRV – 1.2235) and Tungsten-Molybdenum steel (W-Mo – 1.2604). The available range includes all sizes from diameter 300 mm to 1500 mm and are mounted on the main friction cutting machines. The friction saws work at a very high speed and the cutting is performed in dry condition. We recommend lubricating the disk only after the cutting operation to increase the life of the blade.

4. Scarfing Inserts & Tool Holder

Duero supplies tube scarfing inserts for both external and internal bead removal.


The correct choice of the insert radius depending on the range of diameters to be worked. Due to the failure parallelism between the insert’ surface and the tube, there isn’t a linear correspondence between them. Contact to Duero engineer for Radius choice table.

Tool Holder Types

STC 2020 Deg 7 SNMX 19

STC 2020 Deg 15 SNMX 19

STC 2525 Deg 7 SNMX 19

STC 2525 Deg 15 SNMX 19

STC 2535 Deg 15 SNMX 25

5. Ferrite Rods

Ferrite impeder cores are used fo r concentration of magnetic flux in high frequency, RF, induction welding of steel tubes and pipes. In this application ferrite core experiences temperature upto 150 C and the core properties must be optimized for this environment. Properties which influences the efficiency and the speed of the process are

  • A high permeability (u) material to ensure high degree of magnetic flux concentration.
  • A high Saturation flux density Bs, at the working temperature, which determines, the maximum field in which the ferrite core can usually perform.
  • A high curie temperature at which the material ceased to concentrate magnetic flux, due to loss of ferrimagnetic properties